Garden Tales: This Years Seed Collection Part 1

Howdy ya’ll. So, my produce farming dreams are slowly coming true. For this year, I’ve sold CSA shares enough to at least pay for seeds and supplies. I figure the best way to learn is to just jump in and do it.

I thought I’d share some of the seeds we’re using for the CSA shares on the farm, and a few things I’m growing just for me. These are all from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and all the images are theirs. I usually buy all by seeds from these guys or Seed Savers Exchange. I’ve had really great luck with the things I’ve grown from them, and they’ve got great business ethics and organic and heirloom varieties.


Feather Mix Morning Glory – On the side of my garden shed is a fence for climbing plants… and since I’ve lived in this place, I haven’t yet planted any climbers there. I took a long while to decide what to grow there, and I settled on these.  I love that they look like little stars!


Dwarf Jewel Mix Nasturtium – A beautiful edible filler for the flower bed.


Queen Sophia Marigold – I have a niece named Sophia, so these seemed appropriate. I like to dry marigolds and hang them as garland or use them as a natural dye. They also repel bugs.


Fairyland Dwarf Mix Candytuft – I think these will work well for the fairy garden


Blue Flax Wildflower – I picked these to put in the flowerbed.


Mother of Pearl Poppy – I’ve been wanting to try these for a few years and decided this year is the year. They’re tooooooo pretty.


Marshmallow – I’ve been consuming a lot of Marshmallow Root tincture for dry throats this winter, so I decided it’s a good year to try to grow it myself


Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum – I thought these would be a fun one for the flower bed, seeing as how they’re edible.


Dad’s Sunset Tomato – These look gorgeous, and they say that they’re some of the best tasting tomatoes they have.


Extra Dwarf Pak Choy – I love sauteeing choy with coconut aminos and a lil bit of chili flake


Malaga Radish – This has been our second favorite radish on the farm for the last two years. It’s beautiful and flavorful and grows well in our soil.


Early Scarlet Globe Radish – These are an easy grower and always a fave.


Chinese Red Meat Radish – we LOVE LOVE LOVE these radishes. They’re big – like baseball sized. They taste great raw or sauteed and store for months in the fridge. And… They’re beautiful.


Purple Dragon Carrot – these are a must have in the garden for my niece, Sophia.


Scarlet Nantes Carrots – We grow these every year. A great basic orange carrot.


Amarillo Carrots – Yeah, they’re really this bright. This is another we’ve been growing for a couple of years now.


Sugar Snap Pea – We’ve tried a few different kinds of peas, but a sugar snap variety always wins.


Mary Washington Asparagus – This one is an experiment, as I don’t know much about growing asparagus. But I’m going to attempt to put a patch in and let it establish.


Blue Scotch Kale – This is a favorite, and it gets even better in cooler weather. We often snack on this while gardening.. Just walk by and swipe a handful.


Peppercress – The green we were wild about last year was arugula. This year, I want to try peppercress.


Red Orach – I just haaaad to get this when I saw how beautiful it is. It’s an edible plant that apparently is similar to spinach.


Cumin – I thought this would be another one thats worth a shot.


Lemon Balm – We love lemon balm on the farm – It’s great for sun tea and great dried. It’s medicinally used for stress and nervous issues.


Valerian – A wonderfully medicinal herb, I thought I’d try this in the herb garden this year.


Toothache Plant Bullseye (Spilanthes) – Looks neat and medicinally beneficial for, you guessed it, toothaches.


Lemon Bee Balm – I think bee balms are just beautiful, and this one is supposed to be extra tasty as a tea.


Emily Basil – We’ve been growing this basil for the last few years and it’s a great producer! Nice big, flavorful leaves.


Borage – I wanted to try this medicinal plant that’s also said to taste great in a salad.


Marjoram – This is a new one for the farm.


Caraway – My dear dear friend Carolyn adores caraway, so I thought I’d try to grow it… Might as well have a little go at it.

More to come! This is just my Baker Creek Collection..


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