Weekly Wishes // 125


Happy 125th week of my wishes, folks! I’ve been doing this weekly wishes thing for quite a while, apparently. It’s a lovely time.

I think short term goal setting is a really fun way to check off more menial tasks & feel accomplished, and setting intentions for the week is a great way to keep myself accomplishing what’s important to spend my time on.

Last week’s goals…

1. Finish the darn embroidery project I’ve been dragging out for too long. I’m about to. 

2. Get three quarters of the way through the lesson I’m currently on for Herbology school. I forgot how much time I was gonna spend on getting the house ready for visitors, then have an engagement shoot to edit.

3. Host Easter with the family. I did. I even got a cousin to help with planting flowers.

This week’s goals…..

1. Do some homework. I don’t know why it’s such a struggle to do homework for a program I love, but it is. When there are no due dates… It’s hard to stay motivated.

2. Play outside. I wanna hike.

3. Make something new. A new recipe, a new painting, a new project..

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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