Camping at Whitetail Woods Park

I had to share pictures from this trip!! My friend Heather invited me to stay with her in this suuuuper cool cabin south of Minneapolis.

There was a huge prairie, a lot of wooded area, and the cabins were stunning. Think ikea mixed with the fanciest barn you’ve ever seen.

We did a lot of wandering. It’s not a huge park, but big enough to get some adventuring in. There are only three cabins, so there weren’t many people around, a perfect place for a quiet retreat. Or just to make a veggie filled ramen and play Morels. There was even a little log teepee style structure just down from the cabins that somebody had assembled. We ate lunch inside it, but it was super creaky and I was terrified it was going to fall on my head.

You know those places you go that make you feel more like your best self? This is totally one of those places for me.

There’s a video here if you want to see the interior! 

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