My Latest Adventure


Recently, for my 5 year Vegan Anniversary, my partner and I took a long drive up the Minnesota Northshore to do some adventuring along Lake Superior. Just thought I’d share a few images and tales here. Saturday, we left early in the morning and drove up and made our first stop Beaver Bay Agate Shop. Then we headed to Palisade Head and hiked around on top of the cliffs for some time. The image above is one of said cliffs.


Some Plantae from Palisade Head.


Good ol Superior. Vastness is one of my favorite things to witness.


After we visited Palisade Head, we traveled to Gooseberry Falls, but it was suuuuuper packed by the falls and I’ve seen them several times, so we just continued on the trail down to the lake and hung around on the beach and bluffs there.


As the sun started to get low, we decided to head back up to the falls, which had cleared out pretty well by that time, and we got a couple of pictures there, then headed off to the lil room at a bunkhouse we’d rented.


But not before we’d witnessed this.

The following morning, we went to Split Rock and hiked down to the lake in the rain. The waves were massive and it was absolute magic and we wandered down along the beach an hour without talking, but I didn’t bring my camera, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

C&G Engagements

I just wanted to share this with you guys. I’ve spent significantly less time on my blog in the last year, especially this summer. I worked full time, was running my photography business, doing some farming, and I’m in school. Sooo, I cooked less, I took fewer just for fun pictures, and I read fewer books. But here’s an example of why I’ve been so absent. I’ve been out capturing love in photographs. These two are so sweet to each other and were such an easy couple to take pictures of.

Life Lately


I know, I’ve all but abandoned this blog. I have been too busy to make meals that aren’t just some steamed veggies, some beans, and brown rice, etc. So, here’s what’s been going on that has left me with little time to spend here.


Propagating succulents. I have a ten foot windowsill, a table, and a 4 foot grow light filled with various plants. I’m propagating these, plus some jelly bean succulents.


I’ve spent some nice afternoons with my nieces, running around playing tag, and eating coconut milk ice cream. Lilly, the one on the left, is wearing my cowgirl boots from when I was four. And I’m pretty sure they were old before I even got them hahaha.


There’s been a lot of yard work. I broke down a tree and some larger stalks of things in my compost with my hatchet, and emptied, cleaned, and rearranged the garden shed.


One of my aunts got married, so my niece and I made ourselves big, obnoxious bird hair pieces to wear to it.


I spent an evening at a lovely cabin away from other folks with terrible cell service and no internet and it was beautiful.


My dad helped me set up my greenhouse and get it anchored down well.


Starting seeds! Soooo many. These are broccoli.


Lastly, on nice days, I’ve been picking my neighbors German Shepherd pup up for hikes. I feel slightly safer out in the woods when she’s with, and she seems to love the adventures. When I drive up, she sits by my car door for me to let her in. Looooove.

That’s life lately. Outside of wedding season being around the corner, outdoor portrait season kicking in, the farm starting up for the spring again, and my day job… Things have been beautifully busy.

An Engagement Session

So the reason I’m barely posting crafts and recipes anymore is that I’ve been crazy busy with work. So I thought I’d share some of my work with you!

This is one of my favorite engagement sessions I’ve ever done. It was an amazing night.

IMG_1893 IMG_2210 IMG_2197 IMG_2153 IMG_2079 IMG_2063 IMG_2053 IMG_2014 IMG_2013 IMG_1968 IMG_1946 IMG_1894

If you’re in the Central Minnesota Area and you’re looking for a photographer, contact me at or

Rebecca & Tyler


Just thought I’d share some photos from one of my recent weddings. These two are a beautiful couple, wonderful souls, and dear friends. We had a beautiful day.

IMG_6950     IMG_7649            IMG_7023-2IMG_6987-2IMG_7220IMG_7453IMG_7359IMG_7095IMG_7129-4IMG_7163-2IMG_7123-3IMG_7110-2IMG_7114-2IMG_7744IMG_8010IMG_8229If you’re in the Central Minnesota area, and you’re interested in having me shoot an event or portraits for you,  feel free to email me at I’d love to chat and see if we can set something up.